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Prevent and reduce bedsores with a connected mattress !


A thin inflatable mattress with pressure sensors integrated underneath each flange will monitor your movements, positions & immobility.

For any kind of mattress !


The intelligent system leverages the data by offering several features such as alerts and reminders based on some scenarios and the live data from the bed

You are always on the watch !


The information also generates vital data that can be relevant in other features like the monitoring of sleep cycles and for your medical team.

Know & react based on facts

You want to join the club?

Bed-Connect – The first IoT solution

When we learned about the current status about bedsores, we decided that it was time for a change!
That the IoT could make a change!
So we worked on a solution integrating the latest sensors and components the IoT has to offer!
And we developed Bed-Connect, the best anti-bedsores IoT solution

Main Features

but not all of them

By using the pressure sensors, the system is able to determine the immobility of the patient and to send alerts when the user should move his body because his body or an area is at risk!
An interface designed to help you avoiding bedsores is using the live data to assist you in qualifying the positioning and its timing. A connected alarm clock for your body and mind!
The data generated may also be used by other third parties willing to help you in your fight. The data show various info such as sleep cycles or the drugs intakes. That’s golden info!

Top Applications for Bed-Connect

We foresee 3 main usages for Bed-Connect. First, the hospital facilities looking to reduce the costs of bedsores’ treatment. Second, the nursing homes are overbooked by the demand and understaffed for this challenge. And also, all people resting at home, for a short or a long period of time, bedsores may happen faster than we think!

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